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Now That's Funny Comedy Book

How Sausage and Comedy Get Made


In Now That’s Funny! (Square One Publishers, 2017), top comedy writers show-not-tell how they approach writing. We gave each of them the same premise and asked them to develop it. Each interview resulted in a unique piece of comedy. The writers included celebrated comedy minds from the Golden Age of comedy like Sherwood Schwartz (Creator of Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch) to today’s Emmy-winning show-runners like Peter Casey (Co-Creator of Wings and Frazier) Heide Perlman (The Simpsons) and Phil Rosenthal (Co-creator of Everybody Loves Raymond). If you wanted to see how great comedy is written, the best way is to sit in a Writers’ Room. Unfortunately, it’s Professionals Only. Until now. And instead of one room, get access to twenty-four. Take a seat as the best comedy writers in the business create unique characters and conflicts, pitch turn-around jokes and house numbers. While you’re there meet a real room monkey in his natural habitat. And it all happens in real-time.

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