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"There are very few excellent books on contemporary American comedy, so this is a welcome addition. The approach is inspired in that it sets up the featured writers to address the same specific challenge. The reader then gets to be "in the room where it happens" as these writers attack the problem, which establishes each chapter as a mini-internship as we observe each set of writers individually and see how their comic minds work. Ultimately, this serves much better than an interview format that tries to draw intellectual responses from these writers. ("Why did you do this?" "How did you do that?") Instead, we're present as the work unfolds in real time, allowing us to see how each writer or writing team works. Along the way insights are revealed and principles become clear, sometimes gleaned from the exchange and sometimes clearly articulated. And–not for nothing–I picked up my new favorite joke, so there's that. Ultimately, this is an opportunity to spend time with some top comic writers as they do what they do best, and because we're silent partners in this enterprise we don't interrupt their flow. As a result, this seems to be pretty much as close to their real working methods as can be achieved." -DAN CARTER, 5-star review from Penn State Theatre Program



"As someone who has written only academic papers and textbooks, I found this book about writing comedy to be surprising, informative, entertaining, educational, and supremely interesting. I have watched and enjoyed many of the TV shows the writers interviewed here wrote for, and I never gave a thought to the complex process involved in selling, creating, producing, and broadcasting these shows. This book was very eye-opening about this process. In addition, I learned about the process and structure of writing for comedy and TV shows in general, incredibly different from the type of writing I have done. The interviews revealed that most of these writers are really nice, thoughtful, smart, fun people -- people I'd love to hang out with and get to know. I was sorry when the book was over. Clearly this book would appeal to anyone interested in writing comedy, because they would learn so much valuable information, but I think anyone with a curious mind would enjoy this book tremendously." -J.TODD


"This book is a compilation of many comedy writers different views and you'll get that many different answers to tackle your writing issues. If one doesn't work for you, try another! That's what I got out of this book. I also love the honesty. One writer when asked about how they find balance between writing so many projects answered honestly "I don't. I'm completely overwelmed." LOL. That pretty much sums up the book. Honest and funny writing about how to write funny. Good stuff." -PENNINK


"I love the interview format—especially when the interviews include life history questions. I was glad to see questions like: “Do you come from a funny family?” and “Were you always funny?”. The answer is not always “yes”. And not all of the writers were originally headed in the direction of their ultimate destination as successful comedy writers. The stories behind a writer’s (or team’s) entry into the business and the kismet that often seems to underlie successes are especially intriguing. Reading the repartee of comedy teams that were included show how crucial the right writing partner can be. Writers’ memories and thoughts about the ways of the industry and the dynamics of writers’ rooms provide valuable insider perspective.
This book would be a good addition to reading lists for courses on comedy, especially for aspiring writers (in part or in its entirety), or for anyone who is simply interested in the craft of comedy writing."


"These interviews are what makes Now That’s Funny such a compelling read. The writers throw in their ideas for social conflicts between the woman and her mother, along with character developments, and motivations. It really shows you how extensive brainstorming is one of the biggest keys to getting good ideas on paper so that they can be brought to life in production.
This book has a very unique way of looking into the world of writing. It’s funny, inspiring, and really gives you some valuable perception of comedy experts. I definitely recommend this for anyone who has a passion for writing for TV, and want to learn more about what it takes to make it into the field."


"As a writer, this book offers a window into the minds of some of our industry's most talented and prolific contributors and pioneers. As a reader and avid sitcom fan, this book provided laughs and insights into the otherwise illusive world or being paid to make other people sound witty and funny :) I highly recommend this book to anyone who falls into those categories!!!" -KLYONS


"Such a unique idea for a book! The authors took one television sitcom premise to many different comedy writers and asked them to develop the premise right there on the spot. The interviews are candid and chock full of comedy writing tips and anecdotes from the business. The book is thorough and so helpful to a burgeoning writer. Please get this book if you are in any way interested in writing comedy or entertained by reading about the industry and/or the history of the industry." -JULIE


"This book is both funny and insightful. The list of television writers interviewed is impressive. They have written for everything from "The Brady Bunch" to "Modern Family." Several generations of writers are represented, as well as many different sensibilities. The authors give each writer the same sit-com premise: A mother moves in with her daughter, now make hilarity ensue! Each interview ends up being completely different; sometimes the two authors lead the interviews, other times the writer interviewed takes off on a creative monologue which basically leaves the interviewers silent. I loved the wide variety, and honesty, of the writers' responses when given this premise." -AMY ELISABETH WATTS 


"An absolute must-read for any comedy writer, and a great read for those who love comedy and sitcoms. As a novice comedy writer, this is a book I will reference regularly. It's not left my side since I got it in the mail! Insight from veteran comedy writers of arguably the best era of sitcom television, this book is chock full of inspiration." -SW


"I can usually tell how much I love a book by how early in the read I pull out the yellow highlighter. I started highlighting in the introduction! That was a first! There are so many nuggets for writers, and anyone who loves being a fly on the wall in the halls of Hollywood. Now That's Funny! offers amazing insight into the mind of a writer. Not just any writer, but 24 writers with incredible careers and credits to match.The book could be it's own course!" -AMAZON CUSTOMER 


"Once I got started, I couldn't put it down. It felt intimate, the way the writer's describe their thought process, their ideas, I felt like I was sitting on a chair in the room listening and observing. What a treat! It was like taking an intensive workshop with 26 of the best writers of our era! (yes, I'm including Mr. Desberg and Mr. Davis)." -OLGA ELENA 


"As subjective as comedy is, it’s great to see a variety of sources explaining how to structure it in screenwriting so aspiring writers (like myself) can figure out what works best for them."  -MICHAEL PRECOURT